We're back. Here's an update: by Val E Ryon
Hello, and welcome back to animegamemods.net.
Not sure if any of you noticed, but the website was unavailable for a week.
First of all, sorry about that.

One or two more perceptive users may have already seen that a few things around here look different.
We decided to restructure and at the same time redesign our web presence.
Here are a few notes to help you find your way around right from the start:

Website Navigation

The first thing to take note of is the changes to the way you navigate through the website.
We added a navigation menu that is accessed through a button on the left of the top bar, that contains direct links to all categories AGM has to offer.
Alternatively you can use the breadcrumps menu to navigate through the subboards of the forum.
This way all important parts of the website are easily accessable to you at any time, without any unnecessary scrolling.


We modernized the page design.
However, this comes with a few tripping stones.
At the moment this website is optimized for desktop PC users.
The current system our host, ProBoards, is running with uses a third party service to handle mobile use of the forums.
Because of this creating a responsive theme is a difficult matter, so much that we decided to not give any attention to it at this time at all.
However, ProBoards is currently working on a major update to the hosting system.
One of the many changes it will include is a native support for responsive webdesign.
As soon as their update is available we will work on fixing all issues mobile users will experience.

User Profiles

Now you have many more customization options for your profiles.
Have a look at what you can do.

Board Rules

It was brought to our attention that our community guidelines were not always in accordance with our host's terms of service.
For that reason we had to update our code of conduct, and we would advice all users to take note of any changes.
If at any time in the future our rules are deviating from the ToS of ProBoards, their regulations take priority over ours.
For that reason we want to encourage you to also have a look on what is expected of a ProBoards community.

Construction Sites

While browsing the website you will undoubtedly encounter a few parts that look a bit barren or are taken up by placeholders.
Those are places that will either require the new ProBoards forum system in the future or have been left blank in order to reopen our forums for you as soon as possible.
Many things will receive live updates over the net few days.
However, if you run into any issues or bugs or want to provide feedback regarding our web presence please don't hesitate to either contact our moderators directly or leave a post in the dedicated boards.
You can find our Feedback and Support boards here.

That about covers it.
Welcome back to our community.

Your AGM Staff